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At the same time, in Switzerland, the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung — was developing sophisticated theories concerning astrology Letter from Jung to Freud, 12 June "I made horoscopic calculations in order to find a clue to the core of psychological truth.

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Characteristics of the Signs

This underlies the Barnum effect. Named after the 19th-century showman Phileas T. For example, the more birth detail is used in an astrological prediction or horoscope, the more credulous people tend to be Furnham, However, confirmation bias means that people do not tend to pay attention to other information that might disconfirm the credibility of the predictions.

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Zodiac Signs and Astrology Signs Meanings and Characteristics

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The literary interest in astrology, which had been on the increase in England throughout the fourteenth century, culminated in the works of Gower and Chaucer. Although references to astrology were already frequent in the romances of the fourteenth century, these still retained the signs of being foreign importations.

It was only in the fifteenth century that astrological similes and embellishments became a matter of course in the literature of England.

Such innovations, one must confess, were due far more to Chaucer than to Gower. Gower, too, saw artistic possibilities in the new astrological learning, and promptly used these in his retelling of the Alexander legend—but he confined himself, for the most part, to a bald rehearsal of facts and theories.

It is, accordingly, as a part of the long encyclopaedia of natural science that he inserted into his Confessio Amantis , and in certain didactic passages of the Vox Clamantis and the Mirour de l'Omme , that Astrology figures most largely in his works Gower's sources on the subject of astrology The Journal of English and Germanic Philology.

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Part of a series on the. Each sign was given characteristics of its own.

The dates assigned to the signs of the zodiac are as follows, although different "astrologers" assign slightly different dates, the ones who use the constellations use significantly different dates.

The table below gives the dates and the most usual variations of each sign. The approximate dates between which the sun appears in the constellation each year are shown.

Neither the signs nor the constellations change places at exactly midnight sharp GMT on the dates given below, so at the beginning or end of each period you may see a variation of up to a day. An individual born into the main portion of any of the periods below, can say with safety that they are a Gemini or a Leo, etc.

Understanding Astrology

In addition to the individual characteristics listed on these pages, the signs of the zodiac are classified in three other ways. Each is either positive "masculine", spontaneous and self-expressive or negative "feminine" withdrawn and passive.

These are known as the triplices. Fire, air, earth and water. Each sign is either cardinal, fixed or mutable the quadruplices because there are four zodiac signs to each one.

Astrologers divide the heavens into a degree circle, and the planets are arranged upon it. When planets are 0, 60, 90, , or degrees apart, they are said to be in major aspect.

Other degrees of separation are considered minor aspects. See detailed information on aspects. Planets in aspect have a dynamic relationship, which astrologers study carefully. This is because, traditionally, some aspects are considered negative while others are considered positive. Modern astrologers have evolved and proclaimed that all aspects can be used constructively.

In astrology, aspects are where the action is. Without aspects, the celestial stage and planetary actors are silent and still. Aspects awaken the planets into the full expression of their energies.

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For organization, astrologers make charts to include everything mentioned above. The astrology chart is a map of the heavens for a specific moment in time. The astrology chart is called a horoscope.

In ancient days, they were not customarily drawn up for people's birth times.

The Dates of the Astrological Signs , the

They were cast for the time of certain events, such as wars, crownings, or festivals. Only pharaohs and kings would have one cast for their birth time. Nowadays anyone can get his or her birth chart drawn. A birth chart is interchangeably called a natal chart or horoscope.