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Pisces, in particular, is interested in fantasy and mystery, such as supernatural books, making the relationship interesting and fun. Perhaps the only thing the two signs may differ in is that Pisces are more adaptable to change. They can instantly switch to whatever opportunity life gives them.

They may not be impulsive, but flexibility is always in their game because, sometimes, they do not want to hurt other people's feelings so, they may tell a small fib. Financial stability is one thing the two do not agree much about.

While Cancer likes to worry about what their next investment will be, Pisces will busy themselves socializing and solving other people's problems. And when it comes to self worth, Pisces can be full of self-doubt.

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They can be very pessimistic and confidence is something they need to work hard for. Often, they will settle for less simply because they do not think they can do more.

Despite this pairs little dissimilarit, the relationship between a Pisces and Cancer remains to be strong and stable because of their emotional inclination.

Both are highly committed to giving their all and to making their relationship last. Copyright Free Spiritual Guidance. Pisces and Cancer share qualities that work well together, making their relationship a match made in heaven.

Is Cancer Compatible with Cancer? - Zodiac Love Guide

Like Cancer, Pisces are emotionally sensitive to the needs of others, intuitive, and determined. They are extremely imaginative and they have this innate sense to fill their cravings of expressing themselves, sometimes in the most creative and intense way.

They are in love with the idea of love, making them very intimate and passionate. They believe in long-term relationships and happy endings. There are so many positive and harmonious many things in this relationship pairing.

For one, both signs are intense emotionally. When in love, Cancer can be very nurturing and they always want to make sure their partner gets the best treatment they deserve. Pisces is like this as well. Pisces has a tendency to be psychic.

They are so tuned in to all emotional vibrations around them. Quite possibly the one thing that greatly affects the relationship is Pisces' tendency for being too possessive.

Though, Pisces can be emotionally sensitive towards what Cancer feels, they can never understand why Cancer needs to smother them at all times.

Leo and cancer compatibility

Once Cancer puts their claws into someone, it can be hard for them to detach themselves. Cancer craves a sense of security, and in order for that need to be satisfied, their partner must constantly reassure them of their love.

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When suspicions attack them, their partner must be willing to be interrogated. An immediate reply to their calls or texts, or constant updates will cure their paranoia. But, because Pisces loves their freedom as much as Cancer does; this will always cause Cancer a whole lot of trouble.

Leo and Cancer compatibility in love

Pisces, however, tends to make procrastination an art form. Sometimes moody and irritable, but not afraid to fight to the death to protect the people and things that it loves… which it loves very, very deeply.

Ultimately, Cancers are like crabs themselves: Cancers like soft and fuzzy things, so try to emphasize those qualities in yourself. One good spooking is all it takes for them to scuttle away and back into the ocean of their feelings, never to be seen again.

Astrology Of Love And Compatibility: Cancer - Oh My Stars

What Cancer need to let those who love them know: What you need to know if you love a Cancer: Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces Your depth of feeling is exactly the sort of thing a Cancer is looking for, but can easily break down in the face of too much defensiveness, or if suspicions set in on either side.

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